Sabtu, 26 Disember 2009

sabtu 26/12/09

salam olls..i'm back..!

today is saturday..tomorrow is sunday and the next day is monday..will be at office to work work work and work for the entire of my life.however it is..m really excited waiting for tomorrow..guess what?surprise!!

ok berbalik pd xtvt harianku pd hari ini..hurm, ape ek??actually xde apa yg aku buat sgt..cme rest je cuti2 ni.
oh lupa plaks, ada sumthing yg nak aku kongsikan iaitu...... ada someone dr KL visit parent aku kt kg today!!xsabar nak tunggu apa perkembangan drpd hasil visit and get to know each other tu.sum sort of excited, a little bit worry and nervous also.anybody can help me spying on them??

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