Isnin, 8 Ogos 2011

Happy Birthday to the love of my life~

Dear Mohd Saiful, 
Before the clock strikes 12, 
let me take the opportunity, 
to let you know that you, 
have grown a year more…
The day has come and it’s so special.
 Today is your birthday day I wish u love, wisdom, and strength,
on this special day.
You’re my true love,
this I know For your actions always tell me so
Little things that mean so much
The gentleness of your touch.
I know it’s your birthday 2day.. 
Whether there's no treat in a big hotel nor expensive gift..
but I want you to know my feelings..

As the Sun rises on your birthday
I will think of you and be reminded of how grateful I am.
That of all the people in the world
You chose me to spend your life with.
Honey, you are not the air that I breathe,
Nor the sounds that I hear,
You are not the food that I need,
Nor my will to survive,
You are the sweet scent that surrounds me,
The music that fills my life with joy,
The nourishment that feeds my soul,
My reason for living,
I am so lucky to know that you are my husband
Happy Birthday Honey….

2 ulasan:

Misz NuyUL berkata...

Sweet nye ayat2 kt tas tuh.. hope bhagia dgn pokcik epol n bby frever..aminn

herizal alwi berkata...

Nice word U wrote