Isnin, 21 Mac 2011

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Fetal development in pregnancy week 36

18.6 in | 47 cm
5.8 lbs | 2.6 kg
The countdown to your sweet lil' womb hi-jacker's eviction is closing in!
In fetal developments: most of the bones (soft skull aside) in their little body are now completely hardened, providing a solid structure from which they can now make their grand debut into the world.
In physical fitness news: your mini-champ's muscle tone is improving, and you’ll be impressed by their steel-like Ulnar grasp (a newborn reflex that occurs if you lay your finger in their palm).
Understanding Your Newborn
Despite being structurally ready for the real world, your baby and all humans are rather under-developed compared to most other mammals when they're born.
Not only will it take a newborn nearly a year to start walk, but they lack control over their muscles to the degree they can't control their eye's ability to focus on objects.
It will take your newborn nearly three months to gain control over their vision. This only makes the world even more confusing and frightening than it would otherwise be.
Infants cannot sit up or reach for a desired object, they're pretty much trapped inside their own helpless confused bodies. No wonder all they do is sleep and cry!
To top it all off, your sweet lil' sucker won't be able to properly hold up their own suddenly heavy bobble-head, as their neck muscles had little work to do when they were floating in amniotic fluid and being pressed upright by the snug muscular walls of your womb.

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